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May joy purchase of the modern start of surprise f


2012 is the Beijing Modern tenth anniversary and decades, Beijing Hyundai, with modern quality "to create" modern speed "has become one of the fastest growing passenger car enterprises, and the end of May this year, total sales reached 3.6 million 2012 full-year sales are expected to reach 800,000 square stable industry. Over the past decade, Beijing Hyundai from the surge of "new forces" the rapid growth of the industry's "new mainstream", more and more consumers become Beijing Hyundai fans. The future, Beijing Hyundai will focus on brand building and satisfaction improve, "brand" of the modern client.
    To celebrate the tenth anniversary, to better meet the needs of domestic consumers of modern models, in May, the Beijing Hyundai launched a comprehensive series of activities "Happy shopping activities consumers to buy during the eighth-generation Sonata, ix35, Tucson, Wyatt moving and other models will have an unexpected surprise.
    One of the joy of car: "0 interest rate 0 fee", ix35 easy loan home
    Recently, Beijing Hyundai title sponsor of the musical "Cats" the Chinese version of the press conference, the 2012 ix35, Long action for the specified car stunning debut, showing the stylish charm of the "fluid sculpture", won the praise of the guests.
    closely linked to models a ix35 of this and fashion, art, more and more consumers of all ages, by virtue of the dynamic qualities and outstanding performance by one of the best-selling urban SUV. The 2012 Beijing Hyundai not only launched a facelift new Nu engine 2012 ix35, but also the introduction of the "the SUVs easy loan home" promotion and "0 interest rate and fees" exclusive financial services. Currently purchase of ix35 any models, may participate in the Beijing Modern Agricultural Bank of China, Construction Bank, ICBC, the Merchants four banks interest rates, fees, "car loan activities, enjoy a one-year free interest rates, zero interest rates The zero-fee rebates, while there are opportunities to win the European Cup star signed memorabilia. Waiting for this summer, ix35 accompanied by traveling by car on this departure!
    Two of the joy of car: 100 km fuel consumption of 4.48L, cable eight against high oil prices
    May 10 oil prices slightly lower, but many parts of the oil price is still above 8 yuan / liter. Although short-term fluctuations, but in the long run, the rise is still the irreversible trend of future prices. The face of steadily rising car costs, the eighth generation Sonata rose to the challenge, a oil control of the ultimate challenge limits fuel consumption Challenge, so that consumers realize once again that the eighth-generation Sonata fashion appearance "homemakers heart. March 29-30, jointly organized by CCTV-5 "racing age" and the Chinese Federation of Automobile Sports of "oil control. Challenge the limits of the" eighth-generation Sonata limit fuel consumption Challenge, contestants from Beijing measures to impose one hundred kilometers 4.48L honors won, this achievement is not only a record eight of cable's fuel consumption low, and more at the advanced level in its class. At present, the second phase of the competition - cable eight challenge of urban peak congested road player recruitment is hot, welcomed around the fuel economy expert are encouraged to register, Beijing Hyundai offers a rich prize.
    Three of the joy of car: 129 800, Tucson to open home
    Tucson classic model of the SUV market, Beijing Hyundai launched a 129,800 dreams Tucson straight down none other activities, real tens of thousands of dollars lower prices allow consumers to address him by "force". Consumers a minimum 129,800 yuan will be able to realize their dreams SUV, A-class car prices, this international brand, state-of-the-art quality, high cost performance SUV for themselves. " Tucson has been listed since 2005 has been popular SUV market, and both belong to the Beijing Hyundai ix35, Dongfeng Honda CR-V, with Shanghai Volkswagen Tiguan retaining its position as the mainstream SUV market camp, over the years January sales stabilized at four or five vehicles. After a long hot, Tucson has accumulated a good market base and word of mouth reputation, much users trust.
    Four of the joy of car: "0" cost of car, Yue has become the preferred intermediate jiajiao
    As the most popular, best-selling Intermediate Jiajiao one, Yue has been well received by home users of all ages. The stylish appearance of the atmosphere, spacious and comfortable interior space, good performance and a wealth of configuration coupled with a reasonable price, Wyatt fixed four-year total sales exceeded 80 million, average annual sales of more than 200,000. Even today, after the listing of four years Beijing Hyundai monthly sales remained at about 16 000. Wyatt action in order to allow more consumers to enjoy, Beijing Hyundai punch launched a "0" cost plan to purchase, purchase Wyatt dynamic models you can enjoy the "0 purchase tax, license fees, the cost of three insurance" concessions, coupled with the dealer discount initiatives, or rather to the force.
    May is traditionally the low season and the downturn in the overall auto market, Beijing Hyundai will still go all out, generous, large investment to bring the trend in terminal sales to the next level, solid foundation for the full year target of 800 000 .

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