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Dongfeng Nissan the first mention of the car civic


December 11, Dongfeng Nissan civic concept release and the "Star of the car citizens contest the launching ceremony held in Beijing, marking the first Chinese auto companies aimed at improving the current situation of Chinese road of civilization, build a better vehicle and life car civic concept of the target, to social promotion.
The road of civilization consciousness popularity of a late start
In 2009, China leapfrogged the United States, to become the world's largest auto market. With the rapid increase in car ownership, people's lives more convenient at the same time, it also brings a lot of road civilization, the safety awareness of the negative issues.
According to statistics, the "11th Five-Year (2006-2010), annual road fatalities 7.6 million. The number of motor vehicles accounted for 1.9% of the world, the number of road deaths accounted for 15 percent of the world, and an annual increase of 4.5%. The number of incidents occurred in recent years become the world's largest auto market behind China, is still a lack of advanced road of civilized values with which the "complementary".
Foreign equivalent vehicle density urban road traffic conditions in the country; compared with the developed countries is the road of civilization values, the popularity of the Chinese awareness of the road of civilization has just begun.
Internal practice car civic concept
Car civic concept is Dongfeng Nissan to pay close attention to the needs of the community is a manifestation of "Dongfeng Nissan employees, but also the internal car civic ambassador for the arts to the reporter the case, said," When others are still hovering hesitation, we has been action to promote respect for others, care for their car civic concept, starting with me, and to influence more and more people. "
The reporter learned that, since August 2011, Dongfeng Nissan is the first to practice in the company car civic concept. Car Civic Ambassador Selection, "Automotive citizens, starting with me" propaganda car civic minutes of classroom and other forms of promotional tools, car civic concept into every corner of the enterprise, the employees formed within the boycott drunk driving "car without a cell phone" red light "and so on consensus, and thus formed a Convention from the spiritual to the behavior of the system -" Dongfeng Nissan citizen employees of the Convention ", good automotive citizens atmosphere in within the enterprise is gradually formed.
The end of November, including Dongfeng Nissan employees and partners, there are already 31,023 people to join the ranks of automotive citizens, PK produced by the staff three "Star" of the staff car citizens and two car civic staff image ambassadors "on behalf of Dongfeng Nissan to continue to play in the enterprise and beyond the role of universal car civic concept. Just a few months, Dongfeng Nissan staff car civic recognition rate will reach 100%.
"Star of the car citizens" start selection
December 11, the the Dongfeng day production will be joint number of media to carry out car civic Star "contest, between December 12 to 31, the whole society to collecting public car civic Star, as well as the selection star automotive star of citizens. " As long as users log on Dongfeng Japanese industry, government gateway Note car civic activities, upload reflect the car civic concept, advocating the work of the harmony of people and vehicles will have a chance to win the Dongfeng Nissan New Sunshine cars Awards.
In addition, the selection of sub-owners / media / public three zones, each elected by the two owners car civic Star "," Star "of the media, automotive citizens and public automobile citizen Star. The star car civic Star "list of candidates, car civic concept, and their road public welfare, shall be elected by the Organizing Committee the Honglei 羽·泉, Alex Fong, Kate Tsui, JiangYingRong candidate star, with immediate effect users to accept the vote, the highest number of votes elected.

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