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Dongfeng Motor shares in the first quarter sale of


Dongfeng Automobile 1-3 months in a sluggish start to the commercial vehicle industry environment, total sales of automobile 101 557 44 691 in March, sales of automotive, growth of 34.92%; Part + Zhengzhou Nissan sales totaling 77,870, which in Marchsales of 34,651, an increase of 34.69%.
        According to sales reports, Dongfeng Motor shares a quarter, in addition to by the light truck industry in general "cool" the impact of Dongfeng light truck up a slight decline in sales, in which card, micro cars, passenger cars, MPV market segments have a good performance, respectively, an increase of 7.33%, 28.21%, 30.82%, 22.82%.
        Especially by the sales of popular models of the moment the most public concern - school bus pull, the situation is gratifying's based on passenger car production in the Dongfeng Automobile Dongfeng wagon quarter, the company's first quarter of 6466 car sales, an increase of 31%, 145% completed the program. Chassis sales to 5845, an increase of 28.9%. Passenger car sales of 621, an increase of 51 percent, exceeding the operational indicators.

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