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The simple introduction of the Toyota Motor Corpor


The world's top ten automotive companies, Japan's biggest car company, was founded in 1933, now has developed into the main car production; business to large industrial groups involved in machinery, electronics, finance and other industries.
Toyota's early manufacturing of textile machinery, textile machinery production, founder Kiichiro Toyoda in 1933 established the Automotive Division, and thus began the history of manufacturing cars of Toyota Motor Corporation. In 1935, Toyota AI cars a successful trial, the second year of the formal establishment of Automotive Industry Corporation. However, the slow development of the whole number of 30's and 40's, just after World War II, Toyota Motor Corporation to accelerate the pace of development. Through the introduction of European and American technology under the guidance of the U.S. automotive technical experts and management experts, and soon mastered the art of automobile production and management techniques, and in accordance with the characteristics of the Japanese nation, created the famous Toyota Production System management mode, and continue to be improve and perfect, greatly improving plant efficiency and product car at the end of the 1960s, the influx of the North American market. In 1972, the total production of 10 million.
The 1970s were the golden period of rapid development of the Toyota Motor Corporation from 1972 to 1976 was only four years due, the company produced 10 million cars, annual car reach over 200 million. The 1980s, Toyota Motor Corporation's production and sales are still straight up to the early 1990s, annual output of the car has exceeded 4 million to close to 5 million, beating the Ford Motor Company vehicle production ranked second in the world. Toyota Motor Corporation, the 1960s and 1970s Japan's self-growth period, after the 1980s, and began it fully into the world of international strategy. It worked in the United States, Britain and Southeast Asia to establish wholly-owned or joint ventures, and automotive research and development center jointly built by the local implementation of the internationalization strategy of the local research and development of design and production.
Toyota Motor Corporation has a strong technical development capabilities, and attaches great importance to study customer demand for cars. Hit a different brand-name products and thus in different historical stages of its development, and rapid product changeovers to defeat the US-European competitors. Early Toyota, Crown, optical crown, Corolla car, a famous and recent Cressida lek Texas luxury car is also very prestigious. Toyota Motor Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, the incumbent president, Shoichiro Toyoda. An annual output of the car is nearly 5 million, and exports account for nearly 50%.
Toyota Motor Corporation in partnership with South Korea's Hyundai Motor Company.

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