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Daimler - Chrysler course of development


Chrysler is the third largest U.S. auto industry company, founded in 1925 named Walter, founder of Chrysler. The company has subsidiaries in many countries around the world, is a multinational auto companies. The company is headquartered in Detroit.
In 1924, Walter Chrysler left General Motors Corporation into Williams Oufu Lan to begin production of the Chrysler brand car. In 1925 he bought the bankrupt Maxwell set up his own company. With its own technology and financial resources, he has bought the Dodge, BRIDGE grid Plymouth in, and gradually developed into the third-largest car company in the United States.
With the expansion of the business, Chrysler began to expand overseas, has set up factories in Australia, France, Britain, Brazil and buy local car company shares, the purchase of Italy's Maserati and Lamborghini, so the company become a multinational auto companies. In the 1930s golden era, once more than the Ford Motor Company. The 1970s, the company because of poor management on the brink of collapse, the famous entrepreneur Li Ya Keka over the company. The Yake Ka took office boldly new, cutting staff to strive for government-funded, and to concentrate on market research and product development, and product advertising on the game. In the early 1980s, Chrysler and miraculously lived over, continue to row in the ranks of the world's top five car companies.
In the 1990s, Chrysler in trouble again due to the attack of the Japanese car companies, car company rankings, dropping lower and lower, even down to the Nissan branch of the United States (U.S. market) under. Chrysler, Dodge, wind, cars, Chrysler and Dodge trucks, spare parts such as the Department. The current automotive products "line up" light trucks, automotive products of the "sun dance" car, as well as "ghost" and "Dodge 600", "wind fast sailing".
Sixth Beijing International Automotive Industry Exhibition, Daimler - Chrysler will be on display in China debut of the new Mercedes-Benz C-class cars, new models of this vehicle for a major overhaul of this year in May in Europe. Carefully selected S, E, M-class sections of the Mercedes-Benz models to meet with Chinese audiences. In addition, it will also display the common rail type CDI engine.

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