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The introduction of the Ford Motor


Ford Motor Company was founded in 1903 by Mr. Henry Ford, is one of the world's largest auto companies. In 1908, Ford Motor Company to produce the world's first one belongs to ordinary people's car - the Model T, the world automobile industry revolution begins. 1913, Ford Motor Company has developed the world's first assembly line, this initiative to reach a total of 1,500 million Model T, to create the world record has not yet been broken. Mr. Ford for this title of the world on wheels ". In 1999, Fortune magazine named him the 20th century commercial giant in recognition of his outstanding contribution of the Ford Motor Company on human industrial development. Mr. Henry Ford, the secret of success is only one: try to understand the needs of the people's hearts, the best materials, by the best people, everyone can afford a good car for the mass manufacturing.
Ford today is the world's leading car manufacturers, it is headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, USA, with operations in over 200 regional markets in six continents and more 325,000 employees, 110 factories around the the world. As a world-class auto companies, Ford still stick with Mr. Henry Ford pioneered the corporate philosophy: "The consumer is the center of our work and our work must always think of our consumers, than the competition better products and services. "
Ford Motor Company, which owns eight automotive brands, including Aston Martin (Aston Martin), Ford (Ford), Jaguar (Jaguar), Land Rover (Land Rover), Lincoln (Lincoln), Mazda (Mazda), Mercury (Mercury) and Volvo. In addition, Ford Motor Company also has the world's largest car credit companies - Ford Credit (Ford Motor Credit), the world's largest car rental companies - Hertz (Hertz) and the famous automobile service brand QualityCare. The world famous brand for Ford, for consumers around the world contain extraordinary value.

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